About trailmaps.

We are far from hardcore hikers.

We do, however, like to get out there and explore the paths of greek nature.

We’ve compiled a list of amazing multi-day hikes to do around the Region of Epirus.

We hope to get our bodies in shape so we can complete more in our lifetime.


If we can do it, so can you! Are you with us?

Basic Tips When on the Trail:

You are responsible for yourself, so be prepared:

1. With knowledge and gear. Become self reliant by learning about the terrain, conditions, local weather and your equipment before you start.
2. To leave your plans. Tell someone where you are going, the trails you are hiking, when you will return and your emergency plans.
3. To stay together. When you start as a group, hike as a group, end as a group. Pace your hike to the slowest person.
4. To turn back. Weather changes quickly in the mountains. Fatigue and unexpected conditions can also affect your hike. Know your limitations and when to postpone your hike. The mountains will be there another day.
5. For emergencies. Even if you are headed out for just an hour, an injury, severe weather or a wrong turn could become life threatening. Don’t assume you will be rescued; know how to rescue yourself.